The Pesticides

Most of us are aware that people are judged solely on their appearance and acquisitions (sadly), not by the state of their gardens. But some men see their lawn as a measure of their manhood: if it doesn’t look perfect, it is a reflection of their own inadequacies.

Some men will do anything to maintain their well-groomed lawn. In some cases a lawn might be considered the hair equivalent. If it is patchy and balding, they don’t think anyone will want to go near it (and we all just want to be loved).

In some neighbourhoods there might be a friendly competition amongst neighbours, to see who can be master of their domain. They take on the challenge for the lushest, greenest grass, without any trace of a weed.

They consult the professionals at the local garden centre, who tell them that to beat old Henry Miller down the street, they must use a 4-part grass growing “system”, which includes a turf builder, turf builder with weed control, turf builder with a summer guard, and a winterizer fertilizer in the fall.

What the “professionals” aren’t telling them is that the whole 4-part system is a myth. Most lawn products are unnecessary, not to mention costly and hazardous to your health.

Moss killer, weed killer, and insect killer might make your lawn uniform and green, but at what cost? These products are designed to kill; to poison things to which they come into contact; this does not exclude humans, pets, wild animals, and our water sources.

Some people have a difficult time believing that a product that can grow lush, green grass can be harmful or toxic, but many of these lawn products contain toxic chemicals, some in the form of pesticides. Their use is linked to many serious health problems, including non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, leukaemia, prostate cancer, multiple myeloma, and soft tissue sarcoma.

Having an “organic” lawn doesn’t mean a patchy brown lawn! A lush, green lawn is possible with natural methods. And contrary to the popular belief, grass can survive the summer and winter without the use of a summer guard or a winterizer.

Going “organic” also means using less water. Most fertilizers and lawn car products contain salt, which means using up to 100-200% more water to keep a lawn hydrated, which means it grows faster, which means mowing it two times more.

If people stopped using and abusing lawn products, the weeds and insects would not grow up and swallow them whole. And it is possible to maintain a healthy lawn and garden without the use of any chemicals. There are alternative, natural solutions to deal with weeds and insects.

Do you love your family and the environment more than your lawn?


2 thoughts on “The Pesticides

  1. sharilyn says:

    Well I gotta say parents are an endless source of entertainment- we were just talking about my dad’s adiction to pesticides and fertilisers last weekend. My mom is addicted to bleach- my dad to weed killers! Both claim they only use “a little bit”!

  2. Michelle says:

    Thanks for this article! More people need to know that just because stores sell it, it doesn’t mean that they are safe.

    The other debate is if people need lawns at all…maybe we should all be growing our own food. I am more convinced of that after watching “End of Suburbia”!

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