The Career (Choices)

I wonder if accountants always knew they would end up being an accountant? I wonder if they grew up wanting to sit in an office cubicle all day and budget, prepare financial statements, provide taxation advice, liaise with bankers and brokers, undertake audits, and make presentations to shareholders and company executives. I wonder if they just knew that numbers and deskwork were it for them. I wonder if it’s just part of their DNA, like having blue eyes or brown hair or a hereditary disease.

As a child, I dreamed of being an actress. While having a bath, I would hold a shampoo bottle in my hand to act as a microphone, and practice my Academy-award acceptance speech. Obviously, I stopped doing that when I was very young. I definitely do not do that anymore.

There are so many career choices out there. The world is really your oyster, and you must shuck it and see what’s in there. I supposed that’s rather a bad example as an oyster can only really contain a pearl, mollusc, sediment, and harmful bacteria. Speaking of oysters, did you know that they could change their sex one or more times over their lifetime? They can start out as female and become male, or vice versa. But then again, so can an accountant.

Back to my point: You have the ability to achieve anything. You could be an astronaut if you wanted to, and if you have the following qualifications: U.S. Citizenship, a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering, Biological Sciences, Physical Sciences or Mathematics, three years of related experiences, 1,000 hours of piloting experience on a jet aircraft, and if your height is between 64-76 inches. You will also need to pass NASA’s physical examination, which I’ve been told is gruelling.

You could be a ballerina (if you have a slender dancer’s body), a doctor (if you have good bedside manner and a PhD), a coach (if you have immense knowledge of all games and played any sport professionally for 10-20 years), a travel agent (if you have knowledge of tropical locations, but prefer to stay home), a salesman (if you are persuasive and money hungry), a psychologist (if you like listening and have a graduate degree in clinical psychology), or an architect (if you have a Master’s degree in architecture along with a undergraduate degree in architecture).

The average person changes careers three to five times over their lifespan, so it might be a good idea to take a career placement test. It might alleviate potential career changes by giving you suggestions of careers that are suitable to your unique personality. With such helpful questions as “Would you rather operate equipment or work on a production line assembling equipment?” these tests can help direct your career path. I had not been previously aware that I would make a wonderful golf course designer. And now that I know, I am abandoning my plans to be an Academy Award-winning actress.


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