The Cause

A cause is something you can believe in, like ghosts, the Olympic Dream or an auto manufacturer’s integrity. It is so important to discuss important issues, and the “cause” is definitely one of those.

When you are passionate, or compelled by something (whether it be feminism, animal rights, environmental issues, wine, poodles, community theatre, wine, gambling, pornography, antiques, television, or the cause), you are generating a feeling or emotion by becoming involved with something. You might become dedicated to that particular thing, and desire others to share in your interests.

Some people are very passionate about the cause, and serve its interest with dedication. Rightly so: the “cause” has been a cause for concern for some time now. Beginning in 1983 and killing eight adults in 2005, the cause’s disturbance was at its height during the Bush administration.

People have became strong advocates for the cause. In 2006, an elderly woman named Donna Summer (no relation) organized a 700-metre walk in order to raise money and awareness for the cause. Seventeen people from all over the state of Delaware came to Donna’s house and walked with her around the block. They raised a total of 74 dollars for the cause, and started a chain of events that would share the economic and social landscape of North Delaware.

First, there was a bar-be-que at Donna’s. Second, there was an engagement party after Valerie and Gus met and fell in love at the bar-be-que. Third, there was a wedding (Valerie and Gus’) and no one was sure that Donna was going to attend after Valerie caught Donna trying to kiss Gus. Turns out that Donna and Gus had a “friends with benefits” sort of situation, before Valerie. Fourth, nine months later there was a baby shower for Gus and Valerie’s baby Charles. Fifth, there was the 2nd annual 700-metre walk.

People like Donna Summer (no relation) have made all the difference to the cause. Her dedication, perseverance, and commitment have made her an ambassador for the movement. Today, the cause continues to attract attention nation-wide with its national day of remembering, the annual 700-metre walk, and the bi-annual 20 seconds of silence celebrated each year on January 1st at 5am. It boasts 49 part-time volunteers in the diamond state alone (Delaware) and 52 volunteers nation-wide.

It’s so important to discuss important issues candidly. When you think you are alone in your stance, try standing on a busy road holding a large sign that says, “Honk for the Cause”, and see just how many people have similar feelings, and aren’t afraid to express them through honking.

We cannot bring about change without earnest and active advocacy. I encourage you to write letters to your mayor, congressman, senator, governor, prime minister, premier, president, and the Queen Mum. Let them know that you want to see the cause wiped off the face of God’s green earth.


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