The Kids (today are not alright)

Kids today. I tell ya, they don’t know what it’s like to go without anything. ‘Cuz anything they want, they get. They play their video games all day long and talk on their phones and watch television all day and the parents don’t expect nothin’ from them. How do you expect them how to learn anything if you don’t teach ‘em? It don’t happen by osmosis.

Kids today go into a store and tell their parents they want this or that, and if they can’t have it they’ll scream. And these parents just give in ‘cuz they don’t want to stir up a scene. The kids learn that all they have to do is scream to get what they want. If those kids don’t learn now, and if their parents don’t teach ‘em; you’ll see those same kids years later, all grown-up and still screamin’ at whoever will listen, their wives, their kids, the local barkeep who cut them off at six beer. You gotta reel those kids in, I tell ya. I never, ever begged for no toy ‘cuz I knew my parents couldn’t afford it. If I wanted a toy, I had to make it myself. When I was about five or six Momma helped me cut out two pieces of sackcloth and helped me sew the pieces together. I stuffed it with hay from the cow’s trough. I used white fence paint to put a little happy face on him and I named him Sacky.

Kids today, I tell ya the kids today have such expensive, fancy shoes with the air and the gel and the cushioning. How do parents afford such extravagances? They gotta take out a second mortgage on their house, just to make sure the kids have the air in their shoes? And then they drive ‘em to school in their SUVs, even when they live just a couple blocks away. When I was a kid I tied two paper bags to the bottom of my sock feet and walked to school. The kids all made fun of me but I didn’t care. It made me a stronger person.

Kids today, they don’t appreciate that they get to have an education. I heard a young man say he hates school just the other day. I wanted to cuff that young man across the face. He don’t know what it’s like to work on a factory line at the age of nine, tinning tuna down on the docks with not a friend in sight. Kids today don’t have to work hard for nothin’. They expect an allowance for taking out the garbage or making their own bed. You’re doin’ more harm than good if you hand your kid a dollar bill every time he does somethin’. Sometimes people gotta do somethin’, even if they ain’t gonna get nothin’.

Kids today, they ain’t alright. Parents today, gotta teach ‘em.


2 thoughts on “The Kids (today are not alright)

  1. jashinya says:

    A lot of kids are like that. Thing is, that’s often one class of families you’re talking about. Also, I know it’s hard not to look back and say “Those were the days”, but times change and the young generation today has a whole new set of problems to deal with.

  2. Donald Mills says:

    Tied two paper bags to your sock feet? Must have been nice to have socks (and string). I walked to school on my hands, both to build the upper body strength I needed to pull my old dad’s plow and so as not to get frostbite on my bare feet.

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