The Birds

The American Crow  Corvus brachyhynchos

Crows are able to mimic the whine of a dog, and the laugh and cry of a human.

The Sandhill Crane   Grus canadensis

The Sandhill Crane mates for life. Each Spring the pair performs an elaborate dance ritual to reinforce their bond.

The Cooper’s Hawk  Accipiter cooperii

The Cooper’s Hawk has a short tail while allows it to change direction quickly when it hunts its prey in mid-air.

The Hooded Merganser  Lophodytes cucullatus

The Hooded Merganser form pairs early winter.

The Wood Duck  Aix sponsa

The male Wood Duck has distinctive block colour plumage while the female is less colourful.

The Pileated Woodpecker  Dryocopus pileatus

The Pileated Woodpecker has a bright red crest and a chisel bill that becomes shorter as it ages.

We are more like birds than you might first think. We laugh, we cry, we hunt, we dress up, and we perform elaborate dances in order to attract a mate. We form pairs early in winter, when the weather changes and we need someone to cuddle up on the couch with. We also become shorter as we age.


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