The Society

In a world of chaos, commotion and corruption our young women are told to behave like princesses, and our young men are told to aspire for wealth, and everything that comes with it. It is the “me” generation, as in, “It’s all about me!” It is all about want, and not about need.

We are affirmed for our beauty. We are affirmed for our possessions. We are affirmed for our nails and our hair and our purses and matching our tops to our bottoms. We are judged outwardly and never judged inwardly. How did we all get caught up caring about things that don’t really matter? Why is it that a woman is worth more wearing a $500 pair of shoes? She is just someone who happens to have money in the bank, or pretends like she does.

People are rarely, if ever, acknowledged for their wisdom, loyalty, integrity, character, ethics, strength, humility, intelligence, sincerity, patience, diplomacy, selflessness, commitment, and good behaviour. When I arrive at work I never hear, “Kim, you are really ethical”. I might hear, “Kim, your hair looks different today. Did you do it?”

There are still wars being fought, and lines drawn in the sand. But it seems that people are more worried about getting than getting involved. They assume that somebody else can and will care for them, and make the world a better place. Someone else will fight the battles that need to be fought. Someone else will hold a rally outside a National chain of hardware stores in order to gather signatures to implement a ban on pesticides. Someone else can stand in the rain and get wet while trying to save our collective environment.

Besides, they have an appointment for a manicure at two, and Sharon likes them to be prompt.

We are in a backward society. Everything that’s wrong is right, and everything that is right and good and true and virtuous is wrong. You are considered square if you actually care.

Of course we could all stop buying into it. We could forge our own path. We could attempt to make the world a better place. We could aspire for happiness, instead of meaningless possessions. We could teach our young that it’s not just about them, but about human society as a whole. We could get involved. We could make large signs that say, “Honk to Ban Pesticides” and attend rallies. We could compliment people on their character instead of their wardrobe. We could return the shoes we bought on Friday to make us feel better, and put the money toward something charitable.

We could wear mismatched outfits, or perhaps start with our socks. Together, in solidarity with our mismatched socks, we can care and be square.


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