The Words

The most commonly used word in the English language is “the”. The second most commonly used word in the English language is “of”, the third is “to” and the fourth is “and”. We string words together to form syntax (fancy talk for sentence structures), in order to communicate, either with speech, technologies, hand gestures or smoke signals.

Children learn to communicate by watching their parents or siblings communicate. They learn new words, string together sentences and eventually communicate a message. And by the time they reach adulthood, people should know how to communicate, but some adults need help to communicate more effectively so that their message is clear and understood.

Some adults find writing a difficult chore and find that communicating their message orally is more efficient, while others find that composing an email is more practical than making a telephone call. Some adults find it altogether challenging to string together words in order to form a sentence.

All words are sayable; as in, a human being with vocal capabilities should be able to say them. Indeed, certain words have more syllables and vowels and look unpronounceable, but they would not be considered actual English wordsif they couldn’t actually be said. And yet, certain people find saying certainwords very difficult.

“Love” is one of them, and “sorry” is another, and stringing them into a sentence is darn near impossible for most people. But they shouldn’t be. They are just words composed of vowels and consonants; letters placed together in a particular order to create a sound and a meaning. Both are easily pronounced using coordination, memory, muscular control, and forming the words with your tongue.

The word “love” is monosyllabic (one syllable) and “sorry” is disyllabic (two syllables). “Love” is the 387th most commonly used word in the English language, preceded by “center” and succeeded by “person”.

“Love” has multiple meanings. It can be used as a noun or a verb. It can refer to a sexual passion, an affection for another, a strong liking for something or someone, or a score of zero in tennis. “Love” is just a word.

Some people can easily say, “I love hot sauce”, “I love the Chicago Bears”, or “I love sleeping in on Sundays”; but they have great trouble saying, “I love you”. Why?

Because words have meanings attached. When you say “love”, you mean love, not love. You know you mean love, they know you mean love and once you say it you can’t go back to like. They know you don’t mean a zero score in tennis. If you meant a zero score in tennis you would have said it months ago. It wouldn’t have taken five months, a full moon, and a bottle of wine to get that one word out of your mouth.

Now get to work on “sorry”.


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