The Reminder

Sometimes some people need a little reminder: It’s Saturday. It’s March 6. The year is 2010. You aren’t getting any younger.

The thing about birthdays, anniversaries, important meetings, dentist appointments, and deadlines is that they are easy to forget. March can really sneak up on you sometimes and with work and paying bills and making delicious dinners night after night you can sometimes forget things like birthdays and anniversaries, or both. And sometimes you don’t even realize that you’ve forgotten someone’s birthday until the day after, when your husband refuses to bring you a roll of toilet tissue from the hall closet unless you guess what you forgot the day previous. And it wasn’t a board meeting.

Forgetting birthdays and anniversaries and dentist appointments can cause trouble in any relationship, whether it be with your husband of four years, or with your new dentist who doesn’t appreciate having to wait, and had to have the receptionist call you to see where you were (at home watching Oprah and it was a good one). And now Dr. Fitzpatrick only has fifteen minutes to complete your scaling, and says, “Don’t blame me if you end up with bleeding gums”. He looks upset, and now you’re not even sure if he’s going to give you your complimentary toothbrush.

You don’t really want to make the mistake of forgetting things on a regular basis. It can hurt people’s feelings. It can make them feel insignificant and unloved. It can make them feel like their date of birth went unrecognized and that everything else always comes first, “like your hobbies”. It can make the person feel insulted and upset that when someone at work asks them what they got for their birthday they have to answer, “a whole lot of nothin’”.

And even though February is a short month, it is no excuse to forget the first five days of March and all the events that pertain to them, especially birthdays and anniversaries.

But anniversaries are a time for forgiveness (especially if you forget them). They are a special time to remember the love you have for your spouse and the love that brought you together on that special day four years ago. And even though they might occasionally forget to take out the garbage and recycling, and even though they forgot to put the insurance renewal sticker on the car and ended up getting a $300 fine, it’s no reason to stay upset with them on that special day, because you love them, right?

And that’s why there are post-it notes and alarm clocks and strings to tie on your right index finger. It’s always helpful to have a friendly little reminder of important events.


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