The Nap

I’m jealous of my nephew. I’m jealous of his carefree life where the only things he has to do are eat, sleep, and play. He’s only three so I suppose I should cut him some slack. However, I will be sure to encourage my sister to teach him all the things that my mother-in-law never taught my husband: to cook, to clean, and to iron a dress shirt.

I’m jealous that he can sleep whenever he wants. He just needs to rub his eyes and pull a blanket up over his head. I would love to do the same, especially when I’m in a staff meeting. I would love for someone to put some quite music on, tuck me in and let me wake up when I’m good and ready.

I would love to have a nap. In fact, I dream of having a nap even when I’m sleeping. I so desperately would love to have two hours alone in my bedroom with a good book, stretched out, the letters all turning to zzzzzs.

Somewhere between the ages of two and five children are supposed to stop having naps, according to a parenting magazine I saw at my sister’s place. I didn’t read the whole article, because I am a child-less woman with no intentions at the moment and those parenting magazines have the most adorable children in them, and sometimes it makes my insides go, “awwww”. From what I gathered in the side bar blurb, the expectation is that children need to be weaned from naps in order to be productive citizens. And once they are weaned there is no going back. Just five to six decades of nap-less days, and then a joyous return to napping upon retirement.

I don’t understand why we allowed this. Why have we adapted to the ridiculous conventions of what constitutes a work ethic (16 hour days, eating lunch at your desk, multitasking), when we could be having regular naps? Who invented the nine to five schedule, and why was he so cruel?

Road rage, alcoholism, addictions… would they still be happening if people got the sleep they needed? Would you honk or flip the bird if another driver went ahead of you at a four-way stop? What about if you just woke up from a catnap? I doubt it. Would you dull the pain and anguish of life with a vodka martini? Maybe. But you would be well rested, so who’s to say?

In many European countries they “siesta” every day after their midday meal. They go home to eat their lunch with their family and then take a short nap. This makes perfect sense. Life shouldn’t be about finding time for those wonderful moments, life should be filled with those moments. Sleepy, dreamy, wonderful moments.

Now, let’s get back to napping. All in favour, say “I”.


5 thoughts on “The Nap

  1. gladys says:

    it really makes sense for naps especailly after a meal, when all the blood rushes to the stomach, so they say, to get the organ going to disgest the food we just ate. Therefore, we really can’t perform at our peak anyway, as our brains ‘lack’ the fuel temporarily. Therefore, we should nap, let our brains rest, and the stomach does its job, and we are totally rejuvinated after the nap.
    I can nap while standing up, and I love naps.

  2. sharilyn says:

    I nap- I nap when my kids nap- I used to nap at work on my lunch break- people would be milling around the lunch room and I would be sound asleep- only to spring from my coma at the alloted time and return to the work floor- still slightly asleep. No one could explain how I knew when to wake up but I was never late getting back from my break! I have also been known to nap in the following places: cars, trains, the bus,( not the sky train- it makes me nervous)parties, the bar/night club, art history lectures- and not because I wasnt interested but there was something about the prof’s voice, darkened lights, slides and the comfy seats in the lecture hall that was practically a narcotic! Some might say I am narceleptic I just say I enjoy a good nap!

  3. She ra princess of power says:

    That is what this world needs…more naps…it truly would solve nearly all the world’s problems.
    Love those Europeans!

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