The Resume

I found a resume on the corner of Granville and Broadway. I have printed it out, word for word, for your enjoyment…

Debbie P. Marquee

#216-1240 West 10th Avenue

Vancouver, BC

V6H 1J3

(Please contact by post, no phone)

Objective: To apply the skills and training that I have acquired in my many employment opportunities to a job with you to do something interesting that will help me accomplish things and help you.

Employment History:

March 1998- Present

Piano Teacher


November 1997- February 1998

Li’l Rascalz Day Care Centre, Receptionist.

Owner/ operator: Tammi D.

June 1992- October 1997

Knowlegde Network, Closed-captioning Coordinator.

Supervisor: Phyllis Schaeffer

June 1991- December 1991

Ron Zalko Fitness Inc., Fitness Instructor: Callisthenics.

May 1986- September 1986

Expo ‘86, Greeter (Chile Pavilion).

June 1980- April 1986

Woodwards Inc., Cosmetician/ demonstrator.

Manager: Lucille Buchanen

August 1978- August 1979

DQ (Dairy Queen Ltd.), Fry cook, meat handler.

Manager: Gordy MacKenzie (deceased)


June 2004- June 2005

Dog Obedience course, SPCA

September 2002-December 2002

Interior Decorating: Feng Shui, Triumph Career College

February 1995- April 1995

Motorcycle Maintenance, Mount Pleasant Community Centre

September 1980- April 1981

Medical Terminology Level 1, Vancouver Community College

Volunteer Experience:

Hobbies: cutting hair, reading magazines (Reader’s Digest), Sudoku, Bar-B-Que, calligraphy.


Gladys Marquee (personal reference)

Roy Marquee (personal reference) 604-554-3957


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