The Hiatus

The Hiatus. Or: break, pause, interruption, aperture, blank, breach, chasm, discontinuity, gap, interim, interval, lacuna, lapse, opening, rift, space… Whatever you want to call it, that’s what it is. Or, that’s what it will be anyway.

To clarify:

On December 22, 2009  I set myself a challenge, to write a “blog” every day for a year. And by “blog” I mean a beat, blurb, column, commentary, composition, discourse, editorial, essay, exposition, feature, item, piece, spread, story, treatise, article, piece, post, or musing, not a “blog” per se, which just stands for web log or online diary. If you have read any of my previous posts you would know it that isn’t a suitable term at all.

Well, 90 days and 90 posts later things are getting rather hectic. My husband and I are moving to London, England in eight days and between good-bye parties, cleaning the stove, cleaning out the storage locker, selling the car, packing, planning a garage sale to sell all of our worldly possessions, and trying to watch all the TV programs recorded on our PVR before we return it to the cable company, things are gettingwacky bat nuts.

For those of you who are not familiar with the term, wacky bat nuts is a phrase I coined in fall 2000. It happened during one of those crazy drug-free, alcohol-free, sleep-free nights where you stay up until the wee hours to help a friend bead necklaces for a craft fair the following day. I didn’t especially like the necklaces and I think she could tell, so I overcompensated by telling her that people were going to go wacky bat nuts for her jewellery. Wacky bat nuts can also be used as a synonym for apeshit, berserk, bonkers, cuckoo, mental, or bats in the belfry, depending on the situation.

That was right around the time I coined the term, barf bag ripper. It was the Spring 2001. I was attending bible college (yes, that typed right) in the bible belt of British Columbia. I was a big fan of Jesus, alliteration and other literary devices. In my free time I enjoyed coining terms, reading the bible, and spending time off campus. It was another one of those crazy drug-free, alcohol-free, sleep-free nights where you stay up until the wee hours to read the bible. I was describing to a friend how I felt about seafood and the word that came to mind was barf bag ripper.

Barf bag ripper literally means to throw up with such effect, emotion, and force that you rip right through your airplane sick bag. It can also be used as a synonym for something that is absolutely revolting, repellent, and offensive

But I digress. I do enjoy coining phrases (even still) and I do enjoy going off topic, as my tens of readers well know.

For the next month, I will be focusing on acclimatizing to the English way of life. I will be looking for accommodation, looking for a job, looking for a pub to frequent, and looking to make friends. I won’t have time to look at my computer screen and type words in.

But soon, soon I will be back to take back my position at the helm of Hold Your Horse, writing inane posts for the masses (tens).

So, this isn’t good-bye, this is see you soon.


6 thoughts on “The Hiatus

  1. meighan says:

    I remember when barf bag ripper was born…I still use both the previous mentioned as well as wacky bat nuts as I strive in life to be as creative as you. Hope you are well and your blog will be added to my blog bookmark folder so that I might easily access it whenever needed

  2. sharilyn says:

    great- now not only are you moving and that means no more coffee at W.F. but it also means my daily reading will be significantly decreased!

  3. Sara says:

    Enjoy the transition. It’s a crazy time, I know, so sit back and experience it because you’ll have LOTS to write about when you get there. Damn, you’re making me wish I’d kept a better blog when I moved there. Miss you lots and when and where is the going away party? xo

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