The Search (Engine Terms)

One of the greatest joys of having a blog (aside from reading comments, and the revenue from Google ads) is reviewing the search engine terms.

I would like to share the TOP TEN SEARCH ENGINE TERMS that lead people to Hold Your Horse.

1. Meavage – A term for men’s cleavage.  I wrote about meavage in my blog about The Rhodes Airport,  which is a hell-hole (in case you’re wondering).

2. Kim Manky – That’s me. I’m not sure who is searching for me, but I’m flattered. More about me here.

3. Fred Rompelberg – A Dutch cyclist with numerous world records under his spandex. Fred came up in my blog about arrogant bicyclists (and aren’t they all?) as he seems to have no respect for posted speed limits.

4. Leather pants stories – This one is upsetting. I wrote an innocent account about my mother’s leather pants and how I stole them. I hate to think some pervert is getting his jollies from reading my story, but it does give me Google ad revenue so…

5. Sandra Bullock overrated – Yes, I wrote an open letter to the Academy after Ms. Bullock was given an Oscar for The Blind Side, which is more made-for-TV movie than Oscar contender, but then again… we all make mistakes.

6. Kimberly Manky – that’s also me. I’m not sure who is searching for me, but stop. I don’t want to be found.

7. I’m vegetarian but I want to eat bacon – Most vegetarians want to eat bacon and/or pork products, I’m just honest about it. I wrote about the “Sausage Fest” my husband and I had in Munich.

8. Rhodes Airport Duty Free – I’m sure the 12 people who googled this and were sent to my blog were disappointed to find that I did not have any cigarettes or alcohol.

9. Neil Diamond Coffee Mug – this mug was mentioned ever so casually in a fictional tale I wrote about zippers and how they like to come undone at the most inopportune moments. I’m sure there are a lot of people who just wanted to purchase a Neil Diamond mug and ended up reading my blog, and (probably) became a better person for it. #youarewelcome

10. How many times has Ron Zalko been married – For those of you who don’t know who Ron Zalko is… Ron Zalko is a “fitness pioneer” (whatever that means). For those of you who are wondering how many times Ron Zalko has been married… I don’t know what to tell you. Ron Zalko’s gym came up in my blog about Debbie Marquee.  For those of you who don’t know who Debbie Marquee is… have you been living under a rock?


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