The Sins

One from the vault… I hope you enjoy it!

Hold Your Horse

Just so we are all clear I thought I would take the time to remind you of the seven sins that will send you straight to H-E-double hockey sticks (HELL). They are called the seven “deadly” sins, and are therefore considered deadly! Let us go over them, shall we?

WRATH: If you are really mad at someone and want to hurt him or her, that’s Wrath. As an example, let’s say the person who lives below you enjoys listening to Reggae music really loudly. And let’s just say that you’ve asked them nicely to turn the volume down on several occasions. And let’s just say you suffer from migraines brought on by certain rhythmic bass patterns. And let’s say that you have written several notes and you’ve spoken with the landlord, and this person continues to play their Reggae music at an unreasonable level. And let’s just say that someone…

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