The Laufmaschine

I was in Germany a few days ago… and very near Mannheim, where Baron Karl Von Drais invented the first “Bicycle”. Coincidence? No. Never. No such thing.

Hold Your Horse

It all started with a German (of course), as all arrogant ideas of superiority do.

Baron Karl von Drais is credited with inventing the earliest form of bicycle, the Laufmaschine or, running machine, which consisted of a wooden frame with two wheels that was pushed with one’s feet. The Baron introduced his Laufmaschine to the public in the summer of 1817 in Mannheim. The German public greeted it with conceit and amour-propre (we can only assume).

Since that temperate day (we can only assume) in 1817, every bicyclist or cyclist (without exception) has carried on in the tire treads of the Baron, hogging every avenue, crosswalk, highway, thoroughfare, trail, and street; cobblestone or otherwise. Cyclists (without exception) have an air of presumption and selfishness that is usually reserved for royalty. The question remains: Why do cyclists feel so superior?

I have at least five (5) issues with cyclists. I have listed…

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