The Optimist

It’s very hard to be an optimist when you’re feeling slightly pessimistic.

I moved to Los Angeles on January 2nd. I had just completed my Masters degree in Creative Writing (*ahem*, with Distinction) from the University of London. I arrived full of confidence and expectation. I felt that the possibilities were endless, the world was my oyster, etc.

That was 318 days ago.

10 months. 45 weeks.

In that time I have accomplished nothing. I mean, I haven’t just been sitting around all day watching Undeclared on Netflix, if that’s what you’re thinking (although I have been doing a little of that).

Okay, perhaps it is not entirely accurate to say I have accomplished nothing.

I have accomplished some things…

Like, getting our home set-up. My husband and I moved to Los Angeles with six suitcases (to clarify – they were not empty suitcases, they did have things in them), so acquiring things has been a priority. I’ve had to buy important things like… scented candles, toothpaste, bulk gin from Costco, etc.

And, I have written some stuff… like, blog posts (weekly, like this one you’re reading right now), three spec scripts (sample episodes of a TV series), three original pilots (TV shows created by yours truly), and I started another screenplay.

And, I have read a lot of books about writing, which can be helpful… when you are avoiding writing.

And, I have also taken Sketch comedy writing with the Upright Citizen’s Brigade and improvisation with The Groundlings, which was something I always wanted to do – even though it scares me so much that I occasionally black out (and am awoken to thunderous applause).

But, it’s been 318 days. I expected something really wonderful to have happened by now.

Okay, perhaps it is not entirely accurate to say that something really wonderful has not happened.

A few really wonderful things have happened…

A TV spec I wrote (Modern Family – The College Jeans) was a Quarterfinalist in Final Draft’s Big Break Competition, and a screenplay I wrote (Magnus the Magnificent) was a Semifinalist in the Nicholl Fellowship in Screenwriting. And, ABC (the American Broadcasting Corporation asked me for a second writing sample).

But, that’s really only three wonderful things… 318 days, 3 wonderful things. That’s really only one wonderful thing every 106 days. I expected more (I expected 4 or 5 wonderful things).

I must admit, sometimes I find it hard to maintain my enthusiasm.

But, as I said… I am an optimist! I see the glass as half-full (I see a lot of glasses half-full – of gin – because I’m in the middle of drinking them).

I also know that if 318 days have passed, it means that there are 47 days left in this year! Something wonderful could still happen!

And if this year passes, there is always next year… and the year after that! But not the year after that, because if something really wonderful doesn’t happen by 2016, I’m going into dentistry.


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