The Willie

Willie was a birthday present from my parents a few years ago.

Now, it may seem strange to receive a ventriloquist dummy as a gift on one’s natal day… (and I would not argue with that), however we Mankys enjoy the bizarre and curious (just look at our friends… zing).

As I unwrapped Willie from the tissue paper, I was (of course) thrilled, as I love puppets and Muppets and all things quirky (again, just look at my friends… zing). I am also a bit of a connoisseur of junque and collectibles, and Willie is certainly a showpiece.

I also appreciated the fact that my parents didn’t just get me a gift card. They took the time to think about what their daughter likes (weird stuff, and people… zing) and then went out and bought a ventriloquist dummy. I was touched.

The husband on the other hand, was not touched (and did not want to be touched).

I informed the husband that as my spouse and partner in life, he was now the co-owner/sharer of Willie. That did not make him feel better (I think it made him feel worse).

The husband didn’t (and doesn’t) like Willie.

Let’s just say if our house was burning down, the husband would not run back inside for Willie. The husband will not make direct eye contact with Willie. The husband will not lift or touch Willie. The husband will not say (or utter) Willie’s name… Willie Talk (ha ha).

The husband gets the willies from Willie.

Willie Speak


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