The Third Best Day Ever!

I said it before, and I’ll say it again…

If my husband asks… the “Best Day Ever” was definitely our wedding day… the day we got married, and expressed our love and lifelong commitment to each other by exchanging vows and rings in the presence of friends, family and our MAKER.

Uh huh.


And, if my husband asks… the “Second Best Day Ever” was definitely Roald Dahl Day… when I went to Roald Dahl’s Gispy house (!!!), and I toured the grounds, and I peeked inside his writing hut (!!!), and I held his ball of solid candy wrappers (!!!), and I went inside INSIDE Danny’s caravan (!!!), and I sat in the Wonkamobile (!!!), and I met Roald’s son Theo and his widow Liccy (!!!), and then I purchased some first-edition books from his private collection (!!!), which Liccy signed for me (!!!).

I have let my husband continue to think that our wedding day is in the top spot, but we all know the truth… The “Best Day Ever” was definitely Roald Dahl Day, and our wedding day is a close (yet very distant) second.

The “Third Best Day Ever” has been up for grabs for a long time now. It was a close call… between weddings, vacations, bar mitzvahs, bat mitzvahs, the birth of our nieces and nephew…

Today… it has been decided (after mulling it over for at least 20 minutes)!

[cue music]

And the award for the “Third Best Day Ever” goes to…

[drum roll] …if you insist.

[opening envelope]



You know who you are… you wonderfully Swiss, medieval mountain town in the canton of Fribourg… known for your cheese and the Battle of Morat!

Going medeival on your asses.

Gruyères has been awarded the coveted award for “Third Best Day Ever” (aka, “the Oscar of days”) because of it’s lasting impression!

We visited Gruyères in November 2012 with my parents. We knew it would be great… but I don’t think any of us realized that it would be that great.

There were fun and amusing cut-outs with which to take fun (and amusing) photos with!


There was a factory that made Gruyères cheese! We went on a tour and we were given samples!


There was fondue (moitiémoitié) that was quite simply put, “off the chain”.

Moitie-moitie... Vacherin and Grueyeres!

There was a beautiful castle… which was the site of the Battle of Morat and a pretty sweet fortification!


There were quaint little shops and cobble stone streets.


There was a rainbow!


There were snow-capped mountains!

Possibly my favourite picture ever.

There was a vending machine that sold Gruyères cheese!!!!!

We were like, “WHAT.” and the vending machine was like, “YEAH.”

Cheese machine.

And that’s why…Gruyères is the “Second Best Day Ever”… which unfortunately displaces our wedding day.

Just so we’re all clear…


1. Roald Dahl Day.

2. Gruyères (Gruyères “came up the rear” to claim the second spot… Sorry “wedding day”).

3. Wedding Day*.

*Unless my husband asks…




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