The Card

So, I’ve just gone ahead and done something incredibly thoughtful.

I do that. I’m thoughtful. I think about others and then I do thoughtful things for them. People always say, “Kim, you’re so thoughtful.” And they’re not wrong. It’s the number one compliment I get after, “You have perfectly straight hair”.

(In case you’re wondering… number three is, “Your fingernails look healthy.”)

So, I’m thoughtful. Yes. I do thoughtful things. All the time (twice a week, on average). I think about people… and then I think about what I can do for them.

Like sending them a card, for instance.

Sending a card sends a message. It says: ” I was thinking about you. So then I went to this store and bought you this card – which is really just a folded piece of paper, but if you turn to the back you’ll see that it cost me approximately $2.99 (or more). Then I wrote a thoughtful, personalized message inside, just for you. You’re special to me.”

And believe me… the message is personalized! I do not recycle messages, ever! Also, as a writer I sometimes (…rarely, if ever) make money from my writing… so the fact that I am doing work for you makes it extra special, thoughtful, meaningful, etc.

So, after I have gone to a store and hand-selected (is there another way to do it… without hands?) the perfect card for that particular person, and after I have written a personalized message (in cursive!)… I then walk to the post office (20 minutes… each way!) and then I wait in line, buy a stamp and then I post the card.

That’s a lot of effort.

I hope the recipients of said cards enjoy said cards. I hope said recipients realize the amount if effort it takes. No, it’s not at all like sending an email (or worse, a text!)…

It is worth much, much more (at least $2.99 plus tax, and the cost of a stamp… often an international stamp, which is $1.10!), and those receiving said cards should feel very special indeed.



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