The Project

I was feeling a bit grumpy earlier this year (approximately 46 days ago).

There was no legitimate reason for my grumpiness.

I was just a little bummed out. You know… that feeling where everything kind of sucks, and you try to put on a brave face for the world, but inside you’re wondering why you got a Fine Arts degree (and then added insult to injury with a Masters degree), and also… why you didn’t go into dentistry? You like teeth.

I was also a little stressed out. You know… that feeling where everything kind of puts you on edge, and even small tasks seem gargantuan and unrealistic, and you look at your calendar and have to breathe into a paper bag.

I was also feeling a little burned out. You know… that feeling where everything is an effort, and you’re still tired even though you slept for 11.5 hours, and instead of making breakfast, lunch or dinner you just nibble on a Pillsbury cookie dough tube all day, and when the mailman knocks on your door you don’t answer because you fear his judgment. Metaphorically speaking, if you were a steam train, you’d be stuck in the station… because you are out of steam.

I was just a bit bummed out, stressed out, burned out… and also, a bit grumpy. I really needed a week on any of the Italian Riviera’s… but I was stuck here in sunny California.

So, approximately 46 days ago… I started what I like to call the #positivityproject on Instagram. I thought that if I sought out something that made me happy, or laugh, or feel something “positive”… and took a picture of it… then maybe I’d be less bummed out, stressed out, burned out, and generally a less grumpy person.

It’s working.

I’m less grumpy. Ask anyone*.

And I’ve realized that I have a lot of things to be thankful for. Lots (tons).

I’m listing them here (for your convenience… and my convenience) in no particular order:

– my super duper husband

– my wonderful friends

– my loving and supportive parents

– my sister and brother-in-law (both very kindhearted)

– my wise and wonderful Gramps

– my sweet nieces and nephew

pannekoeks (savory)

– my espresso machine

– my cruise group fake cousins

– my real cousins (by blood)

– trees

– flowers

– nature (all of it)

– Grumpy Cat

– Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (the movie)

– Amazon Prime


– Cuckoo clocks

– The beach


– Gin & Tonics

Portlandia (the TV show)

– California (the state)

– pets

Neil Young

– sunsets

If you want to keep up with my #positivityproject (or better yet – join me!), follow me on Instagram: kimberlymanky


*Except certain individuals, religious groups, and corporations.


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