The 1980s

Oh, the 1980s…

Of all the decades I’ve lived in (five!), the 1980s is lower on the list than say, the 2010s… but higher on the list than the 1970s, which was pretty dismal to be honest. The Bay City Rollers do not cut my mustard.

I lived through the entire decade, so I feel qualified to give an opinion…

It was okay.

There were some good things about the 1980s.

Like the music… Prince. Michael Jackson. 

And the movies… Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. Pretty in Pink. E.T.

And the TV shows… Pee Wee’s Playhouse. The Love Boat. Alf.

That pretty much covers it.

Oh, and Star Wars.

That’s about all that was good about growing up in the 1980s.

In the 1980s parents didn’t really know how to be parents. There was one book on parenting, but nobody actually read it. Parents just crossed their fingers, spanked their children’s bottoms, and hoped for the best.

For instance, when my mom had to go grocery shopping… rather than chase us around the store and tell us why we couldn’t buy the Bill Cosby brand of chocolate pudding again… she left us in the car with the window cracked.

Thankfully, she recognized that children need air. Sadly, not all parents knew this.

In the 1980s we had to make our own “fun”…

We didn’t have iPads, peanut allergies, Furbys or “personal” watermelons (we would be lucky to share a watermelon!)… We had sticks. We had rocks. Sometimes we were given a piece of twine.

We would read. We would run around. Occasionally, we would chase each other.

We would clip out the ad in the back of Archie Comics and send away for Sea Monkeys. Then we would wait 8-12 weeks. But, when those Sea Monkeys finally arrived… wow! (Who knew dehydrated brine shrimp arriving in the post could bring so much joy to one little girl?)

We had to get creative. We had to open our eyes to the world around us.

And we found… excitement and adventure.

And a Jukebox at a neighbors’s garage sale.

And an old hippy commune all the way at the end of Dragon Lake Road.

And a time machine that took us back to 1968.

And snakes… Lots of snakes.

So, yeah… actually… in fact, the 1980s were pretty awesome.


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