The Stress

I am stressed, apparently.

Apparently, I’m having a physiological response to an environmental condition or stimulus.

A few weeks ago I was eating breakfast and looking (lovingly) at my super duper husband when his face started to look funny. To be clear, he wasn’t making a funny face. That would have been funny. This wasn’t funny… When I looked at his face there were zig-zag lines across it. Then everything had zig-zag lines, then everything went hazy and then everything went very bright and spotty. I didn’t know what was going on… so yeah, I had a “physiological response”… I freaked out a little bit.

(Freaking out is a perfectly normal “physiological response” to stress, and it’s one that I personally enjoy.)

My husband drove me to the emergency room and after several hours, the doctor assessed me. She said that it could be a tumor pressing on my ocular nerve… but more likely, an ocular migraine brought on by stress.

She told me to avoid stress.

The weird thing is, I don’t feel very stressed.

I don’t have a lot to be stressed out about. I have a happy life. I have wonderful friends and family, and a super duper husband. I’m doing what I love to do… (writing) and I certainly have a lot to be thankful for.

I mean, yes… there are things and situations that cause me to have a “physiological response”… such as LA traffic, the Real Housewives of Orange County, stupid people, large medical bills (for said emergency visit), spraying olive oil in my eye (last night), and cutting off my thumb tip and part of my thumb nail with a serrated knife (also last night).

And yes, sometimes I “freak out”… and not in the Chic, “Le Freak” old school kind of way.

Some people deal with stress the old-fashioned (and fun) way: pills, alcohol, smoking, sleeping, eating… I just get a little worked up occasionally.

My doctor suggested that when I have a “physiological response” brought on by an environmental condition or stimulus, I should practice deep breathing, mindfulness, and watch comedic television programs. She specifically said, “like Modern Family”.

She also said that I should tend to a zen garden… I don’t really have a green thumb. And, since the serrated knife incident… I don’t really have much of a thumb at all.




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