The Magnitude

There has been a lot of debate about the BEST DAY EVER…

Was it Roald Dahl Day, when we went to Roald Dahl’s house in Buckinghamshire and looked inside his writing hut and held his ball of candy wrappers and went inside Danny’s caravan and sat in the Wonkamobile and then met his widow Liccy Dahl, who sold me some first-edition books from Roald’s personal collection?


Or, was it the day we visited Gruyeres, when I climbed the stairs up to the Château de Gruyères with its cobblestone streets and quaint shops and then toured the cheese factory and learned about the process of making Gruyères (which was extremely informative!) then had the best fondue (moitié-moitié) I have ever tasted in my entire life and THEN went to nearby Broc-Fabrique to tour Maison Cailler, where we felt like Charlie in Willy Wonka’s factory as we were guided through room after room of amazing sights, sounds and smells and ended up in the tasting room, where you could eat as much chocolate as you liked?


Or, perhaps it was our Wedding Day, when we committed our lives to one another in front of close friends and family in a simple service officiated by my Grandfather at Vancouver’s airport?


Hindsight is 20/20… and I feel like I just had an eye exam… because there’s a new BEST DAY EVER in the running.

Sometimes an event takes place and you don’t fully understand the magnitude until much, much later.

Like seven months later.

We had an earthquake back in March. There was no damage, and we carried on with our lives as though we weren’t living on a major fault line… Until today… Today I looked in a rarely used cabinet and noticed that a beautiful antique teacup had fallen on its side and cracked. I’ve decided to blame the earthquake back in March so that this particular metaphor works as an illustration for my purposes…

Sometimes an event takes place and you don’t fully understand the magnitude until much, much later.

The BEST DAY EVER might just be the day we spent in Stockholm, Sweden… December 1, 2012!

Picture it… Scandinavia. Snow falling quietly on the old town…

You can also “picture it” with the following pictures…


Architecture dating back to the 13th century!


A snow-covered monument amongst a lovely, tranquil scene!


A lively Christmas Market in the world’s first “park”, Skansen!


A frozen lake! Is this heaven? Maybe!


A real, live Scandinavian wolf!


A band playing real, Swedish Christmas carols!


A traditional Christmas table setting in a 500 year-old cottage!


Swedish baked goods!


Pony rides!


Two gnomes in one place!


Swedish meatballs!

It was, quite simply… the second or third BEST DAY EVER!


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