The Love/Hate Relationship

I’m in one.

A love/hate relationship.

A relationship which finds me with alternating emotions on a regular basis… Sometimes love, and sometimes hate.

Now before you accuse me of airing my relationship laundry in public… let me explain!

It’s not with my husband. He’s great… Like, really great! Like, the best thing that has ever happened to me, the best gift I have ever received, proof that a God exists, blah blah blah.

I have a love/hate relationship with other thingsSpecifically:

  1. Real Housewives
  1. Facebook
  1. England
  1. Ikea

I don’t understand it.

How is it that one day I can care for something so deeply, and the next day wish it never existed?

Take the Real Housewives (Orange County, New Jersey, Beverly Hills, Atlanta, New York City) for instance. The show is pure, unadulterated entertainment that occasionally crosses the line into public humiliation. I find it both mesmerizing and upsetting. I don’t know why I watch it, but I do.

Facebook. I live in Los Angeles and many of my friends live elsewhere. Facebook is a way of keeping in touch with them… Sort of. Facebook is full of people’s highlight reels: concerts, crazy nights out, family gatherings. Facebook gives users the ability to present an edited picture of their life, which might make you think your own life isn’t as exciting. A recent study showed that Facebook use is linked to depression and a feeling of life dissatisfaction. So, while Facebook appears to fulfill a need for social connection, it actually corrodes it and makes you feel worse about yourself. But!!!!!!!! There are cute pictures of KITTENS and BABIES and sometimes, MONKEYS WEARING SHEARLING COATS!!!!!!! 😉 

England. I lived there for three years and I definitely have a love/hate relationship with it. Sometimes (very occasionally) I’ll find myself missing certain, specific things: the Marks & Spencer’s Dine In for £10, the Queen, and RAIN (the Beatles song – not the atmospheric water vapor). However, I would have to say the best thing about England is the convenience to leave England. They have multiple low-cost airlines and it’s really easy to travel to Europe.

And then there’s Ikea. Yes, you might see an adorable monkey wearing a shearling coat and yes… you can get a Billy bookcase right now… But is the 4-hour argument about who was supposed to be holding piece A, and where the other bolt went, and how he’ll never measure up to the man your father was, and subsequent divorce worth it? Sometimes (because your books aren’t going to hold themselves).

Love… Affection, Appreciation, Enjoyment.

Hate… Animosity. Loathing. Objection.

I don’t understand it… So opposite!

So, how is it possible to feel both?

I’m asking you.

I thought you were smart (someone told me you were smart).

If you figure this out, let me know. But don’t call on Mondays at 9pm because the Real Housewives of Orange County is on.





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