The Backstory

I have a habit…

(Some would say that it’s an annoying habit…)

When I see someone (which is almost every day), I immediately formulate a backstory – who they are, what they are doing, where did they come from, why are they so tanned…?

Which is exactly what I did with these two guys at Kits Pool many, many moons ago… (118 to be exact)

I think the fellow to the left (I feel like his name is Javier) is upset at the fellow trailing behind him (definitely a Rodrigo). Rodrigo “forgot” to bring Javier a towel. Javier specifically asked Rodrigo to bring him a towel, but Rodrigo had other things on his mind… specifically, Javier’s wife Gloria.

Javier and Rodrigo first met in España, in the 1970s, when they were both working as swimsuit models for fashion house Blanco. On June 21, 1975, Javier and Rodrigo were eating bull’s tail stew and Patatas Alioli at a little tapas bar in Barcelona, when Rodrigo looked up and saw her… Gloria… She flamencoed into his heart, but before Rodrigo could confess his love, Javier swooped in with promises of a better life… For 40 years Rodrigo has yearned for her… How is he supposed to remember to bring a beach towel?

I think you get the picture…

kits pool

I took this picture at Kits Pool in Vancouver, 2003.


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