The 110%

I still hate this (almost more than anything, but less than melted cheese).

Hold Your Horse

Hate is a strong word, but I really hate when people say that they are going to give it 110%.

First of all, it is impossible to give 110%. The percentage is a fraction based on the whole possible amount.

You can give 100%.

100% is the maximum possible percentage of what you are capable of doing. You are not inflation or the NASDAQ. You are just you (not that there is anything wrong with that).

Second of all, if you are going to throw improper ratios around, you may as well make it worth my while. Tell me you are going to give me 400%. Then I’ll know you really mean it! An extra 10% means nothing to me. And frankly, now I’m offended.

Thirdly, let’s be honest, we are all working at about 60% of our maximum. None of us work very hard for very long. If we…

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