The Cat-titude

You know… the Grumpy one.

Or, the one that appears to be grumpy because of a genetic medical condition called “achrondroplasia” (feline dwarfism).

He (or she!) might not even be grumpy. They might be the most exited, excitable cat around, but one would ever know it…

Then again, I’ve had several cats over the course of my lifetime and none of them have shown a cheerful, pleasant attitude either.

However, it is my feeling (and you’re welcome to disagree), that all cats are grumpy, but only some of them appear to show it.

Grumpy Cat being one of those.

Grumpy Cat’s memes have made me laugh the way very few things do (The Last Man on Earth, my husband’s dancing, Waldo Pancake, puns, when people drink outdated milk and then do a spit-take), and its memes now appear on all kinds of bric-a-brac: magnets, mugs, key chains, “cattoos” (a term for cat-themed tattoos that a co-worker coined), and of course, t-shirts. I love all of it.

I suppose I love Grumpy Cat because (for me) he (or she) symbolizes the attitude of all cats everywhere (grumpy, cantankerous, crotchety), and that is very, very funny to me (possibly because sometimes – very occasionally – I share that same attitude. Like, when Aunt Flo is visiting. Or, right before she visits. Or, right after. Or, when I’ve not had enough sleep. Or, when I’ve had too much to drink the night before. Or, when I’ve not had enough to drink. Or, when somebody says something insulting in jest, but I know there is truth behind it, and I can’t help but feel insulted and provoked. Or, when someone eats the last of the peanut butter and leaves the jar in the fridge… Those are some of the times when I might share that “grumpy” attitude – or “certitude”, if you will).

I mean, come on…





One thought on “The Cat-titude

  1. emmabarrett1508 says:

    Miles keeps us all entertained here at surreyKitchen. I grew up with dogs but have learnt to love cats too after rescuing Miles from Battersea cats and dogs home. I hope you and Rhys are well. Ross and I just had our first child and she is called Alice. There is a photo of her on the last surreyKitchen post. Emma xx

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