The Gravity

I often look around me… at whatever’s around… the pavement, my husband, a palm tree, a squirrel running up the palm tree… and I’ll be amazed.

It’s all amazing… Concrete. Humans. Plant life. Squirrels.

Everything is (amazing)… and the fact that everything just stays there (where it should stay) is also pretty flipping’ amazing.


Okay, the obvious (and accurate) explanation is gravity.

No, I’m not referring to the Oscar-winning sci-fi thriller starring Sandy Bullock as an astronaut that is stranded in space (I’ve heard Clooney’s performance is “top notch”). I’m referring to the natural phenomenon whereby all things attract one another, giving weight to physical objects (pavement, husbands, trees, squirrels, etc).

The world spins, and we spin with it… at about 1,040 miles per hour, and its gravitational force keeps us from floating off into the atmosphere.

But sometimes we forget.

So, we’re grumpy sometimes, and sometimes we forget to say, “thank you”, and sometimes we roll our eyes at our moms when they mother us, and sometimes we don’t appreciate all that we have.

This natural phenomenon “gravity” (not the movie) is what keeps us from floating out to space…

I think if you (or me, or anyone) actually stopped for one minute and looked up from your phone/TV/computer screen/mirror… and you actually thought about the fact that you live on this giant, spinning orb and that its gravitational force keeps you “grounded”… and how it doesn’t really matter that you didn’t get that thing that you kinda/sorta wanted, because OMG you live on a giant, spinning orb in the middle of an expansive 13.2 billion year-old galaxy comprised of stars, gas, and dust… and, you are (somehow) alive and able to breathe, love, cuddle, eat pizza…

If you don’t think about these things sometimes… Why not?

Is it easier to not think about these things?

Is it easier to think that you’re an island, and stupid stuff actually matters, and you have a right to roll your eyes at your mother (the woman who birthed you)?

Because you don’t…

And, you should (think about these things).


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