The Overindulgence

Yesterday I ate a lot of food. A lot (a lot).

We are currently on vacay, and sometimes when “one” is on vacay, “one” may overindulge because “one” might feel that it is well-deserved (and by “one” I mean me). In the past three days there has been a lot of overindulging.

I have ordered whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted… Including cocktails at all hours (as early as noon!), red meat, and tons of gluten.

But yesterday was a whole other ball of wax (more specifically – a chicken schnitzel with spaetzel and red cabbage, a half bottle of wine, two shots of premium whiskey, a creme brûlée, fresh cherries, and a dinner roll).

And (not surprisingly), I felt quite sick. Quite.

I woke up at 1am with a stomach ache, and a realization: I’m a glutton… for punishment (and also, just a regular “glutton”).

When “one” eats until they are stuffed, “one” should not be surprised when one regrets such decisions.

Have I learned from my late night ordeal? Of course (but that’s just me – a learner).

Do I still have two days left of my vacation? Yes!

Can I take a half-drunk bottle of premium whiskey on the plane home with me?

(Does anyone know the answer to this?)





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