The Dank Meme

I overheard the term, “dank meme” at work. A few of my co-workers were talking about memes, and said kept saying “dank memes” like it was a thing, so I also acted like it was a thing… Then I googled it as soon as they were out of range. 

For your convenience… 

Dank Meme A meme that is just really radical, cool and neat. 

(Thank you to the Urban Dictionary for that wonderfully concise definition.)

Apparently the term “dank” originated in the Bay Area* as a slang word for “good weed”, but eventually came to be used for everything that is good (or: radical, cool, neat, etc.). 

So, a “dank meme” is an awesome meme… (I think).

Other definitions suggest that the term should only be used to describe a meme that is old, cliche, or mainstream (God forbid).

Either way, I’ve incorporated the term into my vernacular to fit in at work. 

When I say, “I need some dank memes for my new cubicle”, I scan the faces of those around me to see whether I have used the term correctly. 

This is my life now.  



* The term is surprisingly not derived from Latin.


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