The Stopping and Thinking


It really makes you stop and think, doesn’t it.

The cartoon that is.

It’s making a statement.

It’s making a few statements actually.

Statement #1: Cartoons are fun.

Statement #2: Cartoons can actually contain a very important message. New Yorker cartoonist S. Gross draws attention to the need for all people to “stop and think” by drawing a cartoon with two guys looking up at this massive sign that reads: “stop and think.”

Statement #3: Isn’t it interesting that a sign that reads: “stop and think” can actually make you stop and think? (Yes, it is.)

Statement #4: Life can be overwhelming and sometimes you don’t stop and think, but then you see a sign (or a cartoon) that challenges you to stop and think. So you do.

Statement #5: Sometimes you might feel like you’re one of those guys, looking up at the sign, wearing a suit, and worrying about your bald spot.

And (you’re never supposed to start a sentence with the word “and” but I don’t care, FYI), by drawing attention to this cartoon, I’ve also made you stop and think… about the cartoon, about the message, about S. Gross, about the meta quality to this whole scenario.

I hope that makes you stop and think.



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