The Sugar

If you give me sugar, it’s going to get weird.

Today I ate 1/3 of a cupcake from Sprinkles, and then I started speaking with an English accent, saying “hells yes” to all questions asked of me, and then I did a funky dance in front of my co-workers that would best be described as “inelegant.”

It’s okay though… Because Friday’s my last day at that job…

Because my husband and I are being deported.

Okay, that’s not entirely true (but it sounds better when you’re trying to gain sympathy from the AT&T rep who is making it difficult for you to cancel your service). The reality is that our green cards were denied, our visas were about to expire, and the husband was offered a job in Vancouver.

It seemed like all signs were pointing to Canada.

So we’re returning to Canada (after three years in England and three years in ‘Merica).

I like this quote from Michael Morpurgo:

Don’t worry about writing a book or getting famous or making money. Just lead an interesting life.






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