The Aloha

So the Lloydster and I were in Hawai’i last week… on the big island, which for your reference – is appropriately called “The Big Island.”

Since we’ve returned from our trip a lot of people have asked us, “How was your trip?”

When people ask me this, I think it’s very thoughtful and courteous, but it’s also kinda funny – because you will NEVER not have a good time in Hawai’i. FACT.

(At work when I was asked this question by a co-worker, I replied “terrible,” just to see their reaction. The co-worker took it at face value and said, “That’s too bad. Was the weather bad?” And then I had to explain to them that I was trying to be witty/sarcastic/funny and I failed* and I wound up apologizing and running off.)

In truth, our trip was friggin’ amazing.

We saw giant green turtles, black sand beaches, a giant canyon formed a million years ago, a single lizard, multiple mongeese (what is the plural form of mongoose?!), an eel, lava flows, volcanoes, coffee plantations, millions of palm trees, macadamia nut trees, gorgeous sunsets, and celebrities (Michael Gross AKA Steven Keaton from Family Ties!).

It was perhaps the best vacation ever.**

You might be saying, “You’ve been on a lot of vacations Kim. Why was this the best vacation ever?”

First of all, you’re right. I have been on a lot of vacations. It’s because it’s extremely important to get a little rest and relaxation, so you can return to your regular life refreshed!

Second of all, this was perhaps the best vacation ever because of one thing…

ALOHA (yes, caps were necessary).

Aloha isn’t just hello and good-bye in Hawai’i… it is loosely translated as “the joyful sharing of life energy in the present.” And how!

I first went to Hawai’i two years ago. I lived in California at the time, and a lot of people wondered (aloud) why I would vacation in Hawai’i when I already lived in a wonderful warm climate with palm trees. And admittedly, that got me wondering why I would vacation in Hawai’i when I already lived in a wonderful warm climate with palm trees…

But as soon as I arrived, I understood.

It’s the sights, smells, warm breezes… Hawai’i has this amazing energy, which you can feel the moment you land and someone places a orchid lei around your neck.

I recommend getting some aloha.




* #fail

** Top 20 anyway




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