The Father’s Year

So it was Father’s Day on Sunday, and I have one (a Father) and so I celebrated him on Sunday.

I bought him a card* and I made him a magnet** and put them in an envelope, and then put his name and address on the envelope, and then went to the post office, waited in line, and then mailed it off to him. Then, on Sunday (Father’s Day), I called him and asked him if he had received it. (He had.)

Because maybe it’s just me… But I think fathers should be celebrated!***

Presumably, they:

  1. helped produce you
  2. helped raised you
  3. paid for things like shoes
  4. attended your sporting activities
  5. gave you a hug on Christmas Day

(If they didn’t do any of these things, they should not be celebrated.)

My dad gets four out of five (I’ll let you guess which ones) so I thought, yeah, let’s do this… (get the $4.99 Father’s Day card instead of the $3.99 card – because that extra dollar says, “Hey Father, I want to celebrate you…” which sounds kind of weird and creepy, but I mean it in a very non-weird and non-creepy way.)

You might be asking, “what do you mean by celebrate?” Good question… It could even be considered an excellent question, and because of that I will say, “well done me,” because frankly, I don’t get a lot of positive reinforcement.

For some, celebrating their father means cooking and eating meat. For others, it might be throwing around the ol’ pigskin… And for the remaining few, it might involve sitting in the same room and watching men on television tackle other men while eating pretzels and/or chicken wings.

However you celebrated that Father of yours… I hope you were reminded of all your Father gave up and sacrificed for you (all of his dreams, aspirations, hopes, money, etc.)… And I hope it prompts you to celebrate your Father all year long (minus the chicken wings because those shouldn’t be eaten in excess). Otherwise it was all for naught, wasn’t it?



* Father’s Day cards are weird. Did you notice that BBQs, ties, tools and cars are featured prominently? What if your dad isn’t into BBQs, ties, tools and cars? Then again, my dad is into all of these things.

** With this on it:IMG_3950

*** Okay, I’ll admit it… it was a super weak present and a super weak way to celebrate the best dad in the world.


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