The Celebrity

The other day I overheard a conversation about “celebrity” sightings. The pair were getting very, very excited as they “upped” each other’s star sightings.

“I saw Vikram Vij riding the skytrain.”

“Oh yeah? I saw David Usher eating gelato in English Bay.”

As I overheard names like “Bif Naked” and “Fiona Forbes,” I first thought to myself, “who?” and then I thought about how weird it is that people get this excited about seeing a celebrity.

I remember the first “real” celebrity I saw when I first moved to Los Angeles… I walked into a coffee shop in Brentwood Village and there, sitting at a table in the back, was Goldie Hawn and her daughter Kate Hudson. I nudged my husband in the ribs, tilted my head in their direction, and finally said, “two o’clock”… because my husband was just not getting it.

Over the next half-hour I found many reasons to look casually in their direction, and then quickly divert my eyes when Goldie’s met mine.

I’ll admit it… I was intrigued.

As my husband and I drank our “skinny” lattes, I wondered aloud, “Why do I care that I am seeing Goldie Hawn?” “What about my own life is lacking when I get excited about seeing Goldie Hawn at a coffee shop in Brentwood?” “What makes these two people more important than anyone else?” I was asking some hard questions.

And then I came up with some answers.

I care that I am seeing Goldie Hawn because she reminds me of a film  that makes me sentimental about a particular time of my life. (Overboard was my Citizen Kane.)

No, I didn’t have a lot going on, and yes, it would have been a great story to tell my mom (instead of the usual stories of failure), but I should stop staring at Goldie Hawn and analyzing her sandwich choice (tuna on cranberry walnut??????) and just let her live her life. (No, but really, tuna with the sweetness of cranberry? and then nuts?)

And finally, these two people are not more important than anyone else. Goldie, Kate and the thousands of other people that are famous for being on TV or throwing a ball around, are just people, and people are all just human beings, and human beings are all just members of the homo sapien family, and comprised of approximately 100 trillion cells. We all sleep, we all dream. We all want to be loved.

We are all the same. (Except some of us are rich and on TV, obvs.)

(Full disclosure: I did get weirdly excited in my body when I met Larry David.)





5 thoughts on “The Celebrity

  1. Marie Therese says:

    Haha! That bit about tuna and cranberries. Too funny. At least you didn’t write a paragraph about her outfit 😉

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