The Chance

When I first met my now-husband, then-boyfriend, one of the first things we found out we had in common was our deep, abiding love of the tour de force AKA chef-d’oeuvre AKA masterpiece that is Dumb and Dumber*. In fact, the husband said he knew I was the one when I quoted it verbatim on our third date.

In other words…


I could go on and on and on about Dumb and Dumber, but instead I’ll get to the point… (eventually.)

Several years ago the husband and I decided to “summer**” along the Aegean Sea on the island of Rhodes, famous for its beaches and ancient ruins.

I should note: the husband and I (mostly “I”) have a habit of befriending strangers while on vacation. People seem to flock to us (like the salmon of Capistrano). Maybe it’s our dynamic, winning personalities? Maybe it’s our open, friendly faces? Maybe it’s the fact that we buy the first round? Whatever it is, it’s working for us – because we love to meet new people!

When we arrived to the resort, we were immediately and profoundly disappointed, as we noticed the resort was full of rich, bloated Russians, and chavvy, pasty Brits.

At first I was willing to look past my prejudice… While laying poolside, I overheard a fascinating conversation about free trade between a large, hairy, bejeweled Muscovite by the name of Алексей and an OAP from Leeds named Margo. I felt it was my responsibility – nay – duty, to interject and offer an opinion on a topic that I know very little about. I soon realized the Russians and Brits were equally uninterested in pursuing a friendship with me.

The husband and I had resigned ourselves to the fact that we weren’t going to be making any new friends… “I already have like, six friends,” I told myself, as I stared into the mirror and tried not to cry.

About mid-way through our vacation, the husband and I were in a local convenience store when I heard it… a sweet, dulcet, Southern drawl.

I rounded the corner, narrowly avoiding a tower of Paprika Pringles (delish)… and found three friendly faces staring back at me.

“Hello?” I Lionel-Richied them… Hoping, praying, anticipating their response.

“Hello!” they replied. I couldn’t even

Within a day or two, we were pretty much besties. Five peas in a pod. Sisters and one brother from another mister or mother. So, when the three of them invited the husband and I to come along on a road trip to the village of Lindos, we were all over it***.

The next morning, we all piled in their “economy” rental car, which would have been perfect for the three of them, and which was extremely cramped with the five of us. But we didn’t care… We were excited and ready for an EAT. PRAY. LOVE-esque journey of enlightenment and discovery. We high-fived as our new friend Pam turned the car onto the main highway, and then we immediately slowed…

Maybe it was the fact that it was a Namco****? Maybe it was the fact that Rhodes has a surprisingly mountainous terrain? Maybe it was the fact that we were all North American, and we all enjoy fried chicken on occasion?

Whatever it was, the minute we encountered our first slope, the car slowed to a crawl.

As other vehicles tried in vain to pass us on the one lane road, I nudged my husband and said, “What movie does this remind you of?” Knowing exactly what movie it would remind him of… He nodded, and then even though he totally did not need to say it, he said it: “Dumb and Dumber.


Dumb and Dumber?” The question sounded all the sweeter with our new friend Taryn’s thick Georgian accent.

“You know the movie?” the husband inquired.

“Yes. I actually know the Farrelly Brothers. I used to be a nanny for one of the brothers.” The husband and I exchanged looks…

I mean, what are the chances…? 1 in a million?




Dumb and Dumber is the kind of movie you can watch 247 times, and it never gets old.

** Spend one week of our “summer.”

*** In Hindsight, they could have been murderers. But they weren’t, and for that we are grateful.

**** The premiere Greek vehicle manufacturer.


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