About Me



My first name is Kimberly. My last name is Manky.

I’m a Sparkplug and Ideas Machine, originally from Northern Canada. My hobbies include eating, drinking, laughing and dreaming dreams.

I write for the screen (television, movie, computer). I have written for Lonely Planet, Disney, ABCmouse.com, Nickelodeon, Darling Magazine, and of course, Hold Your Horse.

I recently published my first novel, Magnus the Magnificent, a “heart-warming and whimsical tale,” which is now available on Amazon.

If you prefer a little tickle of your funny bone, you might like my collection of short stories, essays and lies called Oh No You Didn’t also available on Amazon.

Thank you for taking the time to read my comedic musings. You are a wonderful human being… Never forget that.

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5 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Erin says:

    Kim Manky you are a genius writer, your blog posts always put a smile on my face, I eagerly anticipate your weekly blog posts.

    You are indeed the best blogger in the world!!

  2. teija says:

    you are a funny kook…and yes, i read all of the postings and laughed…i especially liked the posting on judging (yes, i recently judged a friend who paid for her daughter to swim with dolphins) and shoe etiquette (yes, I have overstepped into a house knowing the polite thing to do was to have my shoes off already). good job kim!

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