The Show

I am very, very excited that the TV series 24 will be returning to the little screen (your television screen) this spring. The show, which covered a 24-hour period over 24-episodes, stars Keifer Sutherland as Counter Terrorist Agent Jack Bauer. It has been off the air since 2010.

That is literally all I know about the show. I never watched it.

So, by now you’re probably thinking… “Wait! You said you were very, very excited that the TV series 24 is returning, and now you’re saying you never watched it. I don’t understand.”

And to you I would say… “There are things in this world which you will never fully understand… (life, death, jeggings). But this is not one of those.” And then I would tell you to Hold Your Horse, and allow me the opportunity to explain.

I’m not at all excited that 24 is returning to television… (I couldn’t care less about 24 – I don’t care, and I could not care any less.)

Personally, I don’t enjoy TV shows that make me feel anxious, keep me on the edge of my seat, or star Keifer Sutherland. I prefer TV shows that make me feel merry, enable me to recline, and that star anyone but Keifer Sutherland.

The reason I’m excited about the return of this particular TV series, is that it means a TV show can return after a very long hiatus.

I’m not talking about a re-make or spin-off…  I’m talking about the same characters, played by the same actors, returning to TV… like nothing ever happened!

It happened for Arrested Development. The show was cancelled in 2006 and was resurrected last year on Netflix. Now it’s happening with 24…

Now, if my calculations are correct (1+1=2), it could mean that other TV shows will be brought back from the dead, and that is very, very exciting indeed!

My nominations: Seinfeld, The Cosby Show, Friends, 30 Rock, Freaks and Geeks…




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